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Strategic benefits Zamo can provide to investors

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Discovering Impact Managers


Zamo supports its investors to discover impact managers

Through our theme-based deal origination approach, Zamo identifies cutting edge themes in impact investing. These include advanced plastics recycling, blue economy, affordable housing and the future of work.

Investors will get to know new impact managers they have not come across that have the potential to scale beyond €1bn. This will include impact managers that may not yet be on the radar as impact managers.



Energy transition

Windmills on green field


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Financial Services


Resource efficiency and Circular Economy



Writing with Pen
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Land and Food systems


Affordable Healthcare

Child at the Pediatrician

Social Housing


Opportunities to make investments into Impact managers


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Zamo provides its investors access to impact managers

Zamo’s Pipeline of European Impact Managers


A challenge faced by many investors looking to invest in impact is the absence of managers able to accept a €30m+ cheque whilst ensuring that the investment is no more that 15% of the fund. 

By investing in Zamo, our investors can obtain a front row seat and observe how our managers mature over time. We provide investors who may wish to invest in Zamo’s underlying managers with performance data over time as opposed to a curated snapshot of performance (when they are fundraising).

Investors can use their front row seat to put them in a better position to get an allocation in the most successful of Zamo’s investee managers when they raise their next funds.


# European Impact Managers in our Pipeline today


# European Impact Managers we have engaged with so far


# of projected European Impact Managers by 2025

Risk Mitigation

Reducing the commercial and reputational risk of investing in impact managers

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Zamo works with investors to reduce commercial and impact washing risk

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Commercial Risk

We are hands-on aligned investors, with a history of success in scaling impact fund managers. We partner and work intensively with a small number of impact managers (8-10) to increase the chance of success and minimize their chance of failures.

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Green Washing risk

  • Zamo conducts a rigorous assessment before we invest to ensure that the manager meets our criteria for genuine impact.

  • We work with investors to help align their impact assessment and ours.

  • By investing through us, investors have the ability to watch the fund manager over time to ensure that they have the kind of impact that the investor is looking for.

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