The Zamo toolkit

Financial investment

op contract.png

Operating Capital:
to get you going, hire new staff, open up new offices, pay placement agents etc.

finance for GP commit.png

Finance for GP commit:
to meet your GP commitment as it grows through future funds

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Warehouse Finance:
to overcome "track record" challenges in a new fund, team, strategy or geography

anchor LP capital.png

Anchor LP Capital:

to kick-off your fundraise

expansion capital.png

Expansion Capital:
to fund M&A opportunities

GP secondaries.png

GP Secondaries:

to replace early angel investors

LP secondaries.png

LP Secondaries:

to help LPs who want to change their strategies and have someone on hand to buy them out quickly when this happens 


Leadership Transition Capital:
to help junior partners enter the partnership, and/or to provide an exit for founders by securitizing their economic



to help you maintain your rights when your LPs cannot co-invest

Financial inclusion


Meaningful Impact: 
to amplify impact through measurement, management and reporting

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Best Practice: 
to deliver best practice governance and reporting

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Talent Management: 
to provide hands-on help in recruiting and retaining key people

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Client Development: 
to help scale by making managers attractive to institutional investors and increase interactions with potential investors


Marketing Support: 
to give access to our networks

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Business Strategy: 
to develop bespoke management development projects and provide strategic best practice advice

Zamo is a one-stop shop for impact managers looking to scale


Beyond financial assistance, we work with you as aligned active partners

We will help you raise your next fund

  • We are practical and hands-on, working with you to: create your fundraising go-to-market plan;  produce marketing materials; develop a list of target LPs; practice and refine your pitch and  provide you with introductions to LPs we know.

  • Our partners have successfully raised billions of dollars for a variety of different managers and from a variety of different LPs.

  • Because our partners have also worked as LPs, we can get you through the door, help you highlight the attractions of your fund and carefully frame the things that may concern them.

  • LPs are looking for impact, but they fear impact-washing/green-washing. We will work with you on your impact proposition, from thinking about your impact targets to measuring them, through all stages of the deal cycle from deal origination to exit.

How we partner with you

  • We are an agile firm and we value your time. We will work hard to get you the resources you need to grow.

  • Unlike consultants, we structure our investment in you to ensure that we are aligned to your success. If you do well, we do well.