Jim Roth


  • Previously raised $1.6bn for LeapFrog. Particular LP focus: Insurers, Family Offices, Endowments

  • Currently a member of the IC of Edinburgh University Endowment and the advisory board to the IFC CEO

  • Experienced the ups and downs of impact investing through five funds over 15 years

  • Created the impact measurement function at LeapFrog and developed the first insurance impact investing metrics


Rikkert Beerekamp


  • Previously CFO and Head of IR at Avedon Capital, a $1bn European midmarket growth equity manager

  • Spent six years selecting GPs as an LP at Alpinvest, where he developed extensive networks with LPs and placement agents. Has been on a number of LPACs

  • Particular LP focus: Pension Funds and Fund-of-Funds

  • Involved in setting-up and scaling of 3 GPs and advising many others, whilst raising $1bn over various funds. One spin-out from a fund-of-fund, one spin-out from a financial institution and one first time fund

Patrick Schurle


  • Previously CEO and major shareholder of BlueOrchard Finance until the successful exit to Schroders

  • Raised $3bn+ for BlueOrchard across private and public markets platform. Particular LP focus: Institutional investors and financial intermediaries across Europe

  • Initiated and chaired the steering committee to develop BlueOrchard's cross-asset class impact framework

Helen Steers


  • Member of the IC

  • Partner in Pantheon’s European Investment Team

  • Past Chair of the BVCA and Board member of Invest Europe

Neil Harper


  • Previously Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Stanley AIP Private Markets, a ~$12bn global private markets fund, co-investment, and secondaries business. Prior to this, Partner at McKinsey  

  • Directly involved in $2-3bn of institutional private equity capital raised while at Morgan Stanley. Experience primarily with pension funds, sovereigns, endowments, Fund-of-Funds, and DFIs  

  • Led fund and direct investments with a wide range of first-time or early stage GPs while at Morgan Stanley, primarily in Europe, Africa, and Asia

Merrick McKay


  • 27 years in private equity, including 7 years’ LP experience predominantly leading and/or overseeing multiple direct investments alongside fund commitments. Has been on a number of LPACs

  • 13 years’ direct private equity investment experience. Track record of 2.8x realized return on investments led

  • Particular LP Focus: Pension Funds and Insurers

  • Worked as GP where he grew the fund by 6x times. As an LP backs early stage managers and supports their growth

Thomas Brunner


  • Tom works on Zamo Capital’s legal and other projects. He was previously general counsel and a partner at LeapFrog Investments. Prior to that he served as the founder and chair of the Insurance Practice at Wiley Rein LLC, one of the leading law firms in the US.

  • Tom was awarded the Wiley A Branton Award for Civil Rights Advocacy in recognition of his commitment to the pro bono civil rights legal community. He holds a Doctorate in Juris Prudence from Yale and was award his degree cum laude from Columbia University.

Chris Holcroft


  • Chris is co-founder and former President of INSEAD's Student Impact Fund, where he is now an advisor

  • He has experience in impact investing working at Adobe Capital, a revenue-based finance impact fund

  • Worked as a Senior Consultant at Estin & Co, a European boutique strategy consulting firm 

  • Completed a 3-year graduate program in corporate FMCG at Diageo PLC. Chris also has an MBA from INSEAD and a BA Hons from Oxford

Nina Shand


  • Nina has 25 years experience as a researcher and project manager, having worked for, among others, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Euromonitor International.

  • She has a BSocSc (Hons) from Rhodes University and an MA from the University of the Witwatersrand

* These roles are subject to regulatory and other approvals. Until individual approval for these roles is received, the individuals will function in purely advisory capacities

Alumni & Interns

Zamo offers 3-6 month-internships to highly motivated individuals to support the investment team. We have a strong network of alumni which includes previous employees and interns.