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Sustainable agriculture

Zamo Capital is built to support and enhance impact investing. The more we invest the more we all benefit. We partner with impact managers who know that impact and returns feed one another

social housing

How we invest

Direct Investment

Co-invest capital

Invest alongside managers enabling them to access larger deals

warehouse capital

Warehouse capital

Provide capital to warehouse deals to help raise a fund

anchor investment

GP stakes

Provide direct investment into the General Partner

leadership transition capital

Leadership transition capital

Provide capital to provide an opportunity for the next generation of leaders



Discovering Impact Managers

Impact managers


Opportunities to make Investments into Impact managers


Risk Mitigation

Reducing the commercial and reputational risk of Investing in Impact managers


Zamo Capital amplifies the social and environmental impact of impact fund managers by driving transformational growth in AUM. We do this through investing flexible capital alongside and into fund managers and by providing long-term strategic advice and hands-on support. Impact considerations are embedded in Zamo’s overall investment process. For each investment, we ensure an impact thesis that has measurable outcomes, using this four-step approach.

Select managers with real impact


Measure impact with outcome metrics


Develop and employ metrics where profit and purpose converge

Impact funding metrics

We work with our managers on operational changes that lead to greater impact

Operational change
The Blue Economy

How sustainable aquaculture can improve biodiversity, food security and climate change resilience

01 NOV 2021

A Zamo Capital white paper.

Advanced Plastic Recycling in Europe

Advanced Plastic Recycling: Solving the enormous problem of plastic waste

14 JUNE 2021

A Zamo Capital white paper.

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