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Green Indoors

To deliver the change the world needs,
we need more impact managers to succeed.
We have scaled ours.

Now let's scale yours

How we work


What challenges are we looking to meet?

Zamo Capital is a group of seasoned impact and private markets professionals who seek to accelerate the scaling of emerging impact managers.

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What do impact managers need to do to scale?

The best fund managers can raise billions of Euros in a few months. They can do this since they have proven themselves to be best in class in all the critical success factors including governance, reporting, incentives, access to deals and adding value to portfolio companies. Successful impact managers integrate impact throughout these vital components, improving both profit and purpose.


How we can help

We work with impact managers to benchmark their execution of critical success factors. We partner with them over the long-term to continuously work towards best-in-class across the board. 

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